Hi, I'm Marcus Luke Gwilliam.

For the past 15 years I've been involved in a wide-range of projects, with my focus on managing, developing and supporting the technology required for those projects to succeed.

On this website you can find out more about the different projects I've been involved with and learn more about me. I've also included reviews that I've received from different clients I've worked with.

I would say that the project I'm most proud of was founding The Word of Mouth Marketing Network.

Starting this company was a huge project that involved working with different teams of people, across different time-zones, to develop the technology required to establish a new digital advertising method that allowed thousands of independent digital marketers to all work together in order to promote companies online.

The unique selling point with The Word of Mouth Marketing Network was that customers wouldn't think they're seeing "just another business advert".

This made it a guaranteed way to get results and ensured the advertising method was more effective than most other advertising methods.

I'm really proud that throughout this huge project I helped thousands of people and received lots of positive feedback.

Companies I've Established

Is your business looking for guaranteed advertising results?

Then advertise using The Word of Mouth Marketing Network


When you advertise using The Word of Mouth Marketing Network thousands of people will promote your business for you.

Now potential customers won't think they're seeing "just another business advert" - making it the most effective way to get noticed by potential customers!

The Word of Mouth Marketing Network is one of the most effective advertising networks in the world and comes highly recommended with a money back guarantee!

Are you interested in Digital Marketing and promoting different companies online?

Then consider working with us as a Digital Marketer


The Word of Mouth Marketing Network work with over 14,000 independent digital marketers to promote different products and services all over the world.

People who work with The Word of Mouth Marketing Network are able to work from home, at hours that suit them and complete work that suits their interests.

The Word of Mouth Marketing Network offer everyone a guaranteed basic pay rate for all work, as well as other earning incentives. Plus, unlike most promotional jobs, no sales are ever required.

An online job portal for applicants to apply for jobs and recruiters to manage applications.

Popular platform with new jobs added daily by recruiters.


JobsPostedToday.com was established as a way to promote different working opportunities provided by The Word of Mouth Marketing Network.

To achieve this I developed an online job portal, marketed it via the services provided by The Word of Mouth Marketing Network and it's now used by both recruiters and job seekers.

This popular platform sees hundreds of new jobs posted on a daily basis and thousands of applications submitted every month.

Pro3SEO provide a guaranteed way to get websites on page 1 of Google

All for a one-time, affordable fixed price!


Pro3SEO is a business I started as a result of the success achieved via The Word of Mouth Marketing Network.

Thanks to the efforts of the people who complete promotional work on behalf of The Word of Mouth Marketing Network, I could guarantee to rank companies on Page 1 of Google for a fixed-fee.

Successes included achieving numerous Page 1 rankings on Google with highly competitive search terms and receiving lots of positive feedback.


Highly Reviewed Professional Web Design, Web Services & IT Support Consultancy

MLG Tech Services provided a wide-range of IT services throughout the UK


MLG Tech Services was the first company I started, with a focus on providing technical Web & IT services for different companies.

The business quickly grew to support numerous companies around the UK and became an employer for several members of staff within 2 years.

Several clients used the services my company provided for over 10 years and I'm proud to have delivered multiple highly complex projects for different clients I've worked with.


More About Me

My career started after graduating from University in Southampton, UK, in 2008.

Before graduating I was offered a job with a London based boutique investment firm as a Graduate IT Support Assistant.

My next career move was to start my own IT Services company. I acquired a wide-range of high-profile companies, such as Paragon Porsche (UK’s leading independent & most awarded Porsche dealer), The Premier Choice Group (one of the UK’s largest healthcare insurance providers), as well as various hotels in Eastbourne (including The Grand).

I've held some customer accounts, such as Paragon Porsche and The Premier Choice Group, for over 10 years.

In 2018, while running my IT Services company, I established The Word of Mouth Marketing Network.

I setup this online based advertising company as I personally needed a more effective way to advertise and through different research discovered that that while Word of Mouth Marketing was the most effective advertising method, it wasn't being offered commercially as a digital service.

I therefore grew company over 4 years including setting up subsidiary companies, such as Pro3SEO.com which delivered Page 1 Results on Google using different SEO methods.

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"I love delivering effective solutions which has resulted in receiving amazing feedback"

Paragon Porsche

"We would thoroughly recommend Marcus, he is very likeable, courteous and a happy sould to have in the workplace."

Helen - IT Consultant

"Marcus has such a wealth of knowledge within the marketing and strategy arena. I couldn't recommend him highly enough."

Helen's Review of The Word of Mouth Marketing Network

Miriam - Digital Marketer

"What I like about your company is that you make sure that your staff are doing well and they are well guided in what to do and how they can accomplish tasks for the clients for the businesses that need digital marketing presence in this online arena."

Staff Member Review - Miriam

Team Titans

"The way you have been promoting our club across Social Media has contributed directly to us getting new leads and membership enquiries on an almost daily basis."

James Bowden-Smyth

"I am happy to recommend Marcus & The Word of Mouth Marketing Network to anyone that may want to increase their online presence and get new customers by advertising online."

Tony - Roofing Cladding and Maintenance

"We've noticed on Google now that our company has moved up and we'd like to highly recommend you and your company."

Tony's Review of The Word of Mouth Marketing Network

Tony - Roofing Cladding and Maintenance

"I would like to highlight how pleased I am with you and the service you have been providing."

Rubia - Digital Marketer

"I would like to thank Marcus. I recently came to this platform when I was looking for a Social Media Marketing Job. Once I started using it I found this platform to be more effective and useful for me"

Staff Member Review - Rubia

Jocelynn Palmer

"I've been using Marcus' advertising team recently. They helped my business get off the ground and they gave me tips and ideas along the way and I'd highly recommend his company to anybody."

Jocelynn's Review of The Word of Mouth Marketing Network

Premier Choice Group

"I can honestly say that nothing is too much trouble for Marcus, he always put's our needs before his own! I could go on and on praising Marcus for the way he is. He really is the type of person who would not let you down if you were to use his services, and that I feel is a very rare thing to find now-a-days."

Highland Eco Trek Pvt Ltd

"Marcus has been very helpful and has made sure everything has happened without any problems. He is obviously very good at what he does and I have no problems in giving this recommendation."

Helen Swan

"If I can give The Word of Mouth Marketing Network 10 stars I would! Couldn't recommend this highly enough, thank you Marcus"

Michael - Clever Accounting Services Ltd

"I can really see why your company's successful because you understand what's needed in the marketplace to get us up to number one, and you've done that. Thanks very much for your help."

Michael's Review of The Word of Mouth Marketing Network

Jamaica - Digital Marketer

"This company enjoys a stellar reputation for being one of the most trusted work from home companies. I really like that the company values not only the clients and providing quality services, but the company values their employees by making sure they get the support and training they need to deliver quality services and be financially stable. That’s why I will not hesitate to recommend The Word of Mouth Marketing Network to my family and friends."

Staff Member Review - Jamaica

Maureen's Dog Walking Services

"To summarise, I have more jobs and am very happy to recommend Marcus to anyone who is looking for web design and online advertising services."

Answering Atlanta Telephone Answering Service

"When I saw how you guys advertised it just made complete sense. You've been a real pleasure to deal with and I will not hesitate in recommending your service to others."

Answering Atlanta's Review of The Word of Mouth Marketing Network

Fiona Brown

"I have been surprised by your service - but in a good way! You were very quick to get our advertising going and the results have been very positive so far."

Elly Prince

"You have provided a prompt and professional service for our small business when money for advertising must be used cautiously so for that we are very grateful and happy to write you this recommendation."

Sonia - Digital Marketer

"What I like most about the job is that I can work from home and I can learn about Digital Marketing and also advertising. I just wanted to say thank you to Marcus for giving me this opportunity and to be part of this project of his company thank you."

Staff Member Review - Sonia

Stefan - Digital Marketer

"Hey Marcus I just want to thank you and recommend you for paying me for the jobs that I’ve been completing using your service. I’m actually enjoying promoting your services and it’s nice to find an honest person online who delivers on their promises for a change, so I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!"

Staff Member Review - Stefan

Moises - Gym Owner

"We are blown away with the quality of his service. We have seen more sales, more leads and more membership requests on a daily basis."

Moises Review of The Word of Mouth Marketing Network

Flint House Dental Practice

"We will definitely be using your company in the future and would gladly recommend you."

Charish Doe

"Marcus provides a really fantastic service that promoted my business in a way I could never have done myself. It's like getting all the benefits of viral marketing without needing one of those EUREKA moments. Suddenly everyone knows about my business."

Clarke Howard

"I have been advertising using your system over the last month and have seen my enquiries and sales increase over that time. Your service really works and I will 100% be using you again."

Annabelle - Digital Marketer

"What I like about this company is they have very flexible time, it’s a work from home setup and most of all they offer great pay. They will hone and mould you through trainings that’s why I will recommend this company to my friends. Again, thank you so much Marcus for opening such doors for me and to be part of the team."

Staff Member Review - Annabelle

JP Tupper Associates

"Since contracting you to look after our systems and implement upgrades we have all been delighted with both the speed and depth of knowledge you clearly have. Marcus, I would highly recommend you to any other professional company looking for a highly experienced and skilled IT service."

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I will respond to all emails within 24 hours.